What's new


re-added "toggle sidebar" toolbar button
context menu in the "changed pages" dropdown
bug fixes


Using addon-bar instead of status bar - the SiteDelta icon can now be moved to the navigation bar.
SiteDelta toolbar button default action changed (shows menu instead of immediately watching the page).
bugfix for Firefox 14
bugfix: Problems on OS X without Growl
bugfix: Problems with URLs containing colons
Swedish translation
minor cosmetic changes


Bugfix for Firefox 4 Beta with JavaScript disabled


support for Firefox 4 Beta
bugfix: number of changes when using multiple include regions
bugfix: saving scan frequency setting on Linux / MacOS
bugfix: marking multiple pages as seen
bugfix: treatment of control characters in pages
improved reaction to missing watch regions
bugfix: background scan and redirects
ignores chrome images
improved xpath representation for included / excluded regions
improved positioning when displaying deleted text
short delay before scanning page to allow page changes via JavaScript onLoad
workaround for firefox bug 502058
various minor corrections


Bugfix: open changed pages


Keyboard shortcuts
Improved scheduling of automatic scans
Improved Firefox 2 compatibility
Feature: automatically highlight page on visit
Bugfix: detecting page changes
Bugfix: scanning of password-protected pages
Bugfixes: sound notifications
More bugfixes
Note: This version uses new default settings for page watch and page scan frequency. Please check the settings after updating to 0.11 if you customized either of them.


Improvemens for Firefox 3
improved GUI (sidebar, properties dialog)
allow JavaScript for site watch (optional)
improved change detection (word-based, displays deletions differently)
many tiny improvements and bug fixes


new features: archive, auto-watch, HTTP-auth
Site-specific settings
reorganized Preferences-dialog


corrected English locale, use of tabs instead of new windows, supports installing region presets


improved image handling
uses notification bar


detects moved and deleted text,
checks for changed image file names,
parallel check for updates,
custom region presets


German language support


configuration dialog for changing highlight colors
checking all known pages for updates
page regions to scan or ignore


highlighted text is now selectable
set a region to scan for changes
Feature: list (and delete) "watched" sites


Rightclick removes highlight


also works on Linux
cycling through page changes


initial release

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